Additional Experience

Eskolta School Research and Design, Inc., New York City                                 

Research and Design Facilitator, and Communications Associate               7/2015-2017

  • Plan and facilitate meetings with principals and teachers in four New York City High Schools as part of the New York City Department of Education Transfer Schools Common Core Institute.
  • Design workshops for teachers and school officials on scaffolding higher order thinking.
  • Collect and analyze data to create supportive databases for teachers and principals.
  • Write and edit research reports, Power Point presentations, and blog posts for the website.
  • Plan communications strategy with the Director of Strategic Initiatives.


Hunter College, New York City with New Visions for Public Schools

New Teacher Supervisor and Coach                                                              9/2015-12/2016

  • Field supervisor and coach for 12 first-year teachers as part of the Urban Teacher Residents in the New Visions Teacher Preparation program during the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Field supervisor and coach for five first-year teachers as part of the Urban Teacher Residents in the New Visions Teacher Preparation program during the 2015-16 school year.


National Center for the Restructuring of Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST)

Research Assistant                                                                                          9/2013-8/2016

  • Led a citywide four-year study of NYCDOE teachers using performance assessments for instructional purposes. Conducted research interviews with elementary, middle and high school teachers, and school administrators in a total of 10 schools. Conducted additional interviews with several NYC Department of Education officials, and professional developers, to learn about their experiences with the NYC Performance Assessments that comprise the Local Measures portion of the Advance teacher evaluation system.
  • Used NVivo and Dedoose software to code, analyze, and develop themes from interview transcripts and observation data.
  • Wrote interim and end-of-year reports to share with the NYC Department of Education:
    • 2014: Local Measures Final Report: The Instructional Value of Performance Assessments
    • 2015: Factors and Conditions that Influence the Use of Periodic Data from Performance Assessments
    • 2016: How Teachers Use Data from Periodic Assessments in a High-Stakes Accountability Context


Teachers College, Columbia University

Managing Editor, International Ed News                                                                  2012-2017

  • Manage online submissions from an international group of scholars, researchers, and students, for an online publication that provides access to news, research, and reports that discuss what’s new, what’s good, and what’s effective from pre-kindergarten through secondary education around the world.
  • Line-edit submissions, conduct research on submission topics, and search for links to relevant news articles, in order to create grammatically correct, well-rounded posts that present the reader with links, images, videos, and background information on issues of educational policy.
  • Conduct bi-weekly scans of online education news and compile regional lists of this news for Dr. Hatch. These links are then shared on Twitter.
  • Brought Twitter profile from 50 to 1300 followers. Maintain a feed that provides links to news articles focusing on educational policy from several international news organizations three times per day.
  • Write scans of the news, including embedded hyperlinks to various articles published in wide-ranging online news sources, focusing on emergent issues in educational policy as they appear in current news reports. Scans have been reposted by the Lessons From Abroad blog, of the Hechinger Report, as well as Chalkboard TOL.

Conduct and publish interviews with scholars such as Dr. Philip Hallinger, Dr. Geoff Whitty and Dr. Christopher Bjork.


Founding Editor, Publisher                                                                        

Esteem: Conversations Between Educators                                                               2012-present